Towards The Next 50

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The Fatima Bint Mohammed Bin Zayed Initiative organized an art exhibition titled “Towards the next 50 years” in the Emirates Towers area 2071, which includes a group of creative works and artistic exhibits within the framework of supporting & empowering the less fortunate in various global societies & providing opportunity for them to improve their living and contribute to a positive role in their societies.



The organization of this event comes within the framework of the development and humanitarian projects supervised by the Fatima Bint Mohammed Bin Zayed Initiative for more than ten years, with the aim of empowering Afghan women, providing them with sustainable sources of income, & enhancing their access to education, social development, medical care, clean water, & economic reforms.


His Excellency Zaki Anwar Nusseibeh, Minister of State, said: “We are proud of the initiative of Sheikha Fatima Bint Mohammed Bin Zayed, which has made a positive impact on the economy of Afghanistan, and which confirms the contribution of the UAE leadership and people in the areas of response to humanitarian crises through its qualitative initiatives that provide appropriate solutions to reduce the repercussions of disasters on humans”.


The initiative has so far succeeded in supporting more than 50,000 people in Afghanistan, directly and indirectly, in addition to educational opportunities and access to free health care. It has provided job opportunities for more than 6,000 Afghani craftsmen, 70% of whom are women. She facilitated the admission of more than 9,000 children into local schools, and treated more than 19,800 employees and their families in hospitals.


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