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Rugs And Carpets Manufacturer And Supplier In Dubai

FBMI believes in preserving the ancient art of carpet weaving. The people of Afghanistan consider carpet weaving their heritage. This legacy has been passed down for several generations. We want to become the leading carpets manufacturer and supplier in Dubai. Quality, beauty and originality is our specialty.

Our handmade carpets are known for their classic appeal and quality

At FBMI, we believe in creativity and hard work. From obtaining the wool, spinning the wool, hand-knotting the design, the hard work of a FBMI employee is present at each stage. Everything is made through hands to give the touch of quality. The experience of using an organic and hand-made carpet is truly awesome. As the leading carpet manufacturing company in Dubai, we believe in preserving this ancient craft and thus re-invest the income from carpet sales.

Massive demand indicates that our products are popular

It is a matter of pride for us that we are counted among the leading carpet manufacturers and suppliers. Our rugs and carpets are used in villas, mansions, palatial homes, resorts, hotels, designer boutique stores, retail stores, etc. It was not easy for us to become the leading rugs manufacturer and supplier in Dubai. We strictly believe in creativity and look forward to polishing our expertise that has propelled us as the leading carpet manufacturing company in Dubai.

FBMI is here to introduce you to the unique world of carpet manufacturing. Our Afghan carpets are carefully woven, and the quality is their paramount feature. Among all rugs manufacturers and suppliers in Dubai, we are known for supplying premium, hand-tufted carpets, all created from the finest materials. Our custom-made carpets are appreciated for their unique look. Each carpet piece is unique and purposely designed to meet your taste, preference and needs. Our carpets are produced in various sizes, shape and color. In fact, whatever that can be imagined can be woven on the carpet.

The most well-known carpet manufacturers in Dubai

All the carpets of FBMI are made meticulously. They are beautiful, and we also take necessary care about the factor of quality.

Inspired by hard work and crafted manually

Carpet weaving is a creative and time-taking task. Our expert craftsmen are expert in creating handmade rugs and carpets. We are committed to bring out the beauty of nature. Allow us to demonstrate our skills through these creations. Our name is taken among the best carpet manufacturers in Dubai as our work clearly displays creativity. We are excited to offer the finest hand-tufted carpets to our esteemed customers. The experienced carpet weavers use the finest yarns, wool and other materials to produce the perfect product.

The element of uniqueness and comfort is visible in our work

At FBMI, every carpet is woven with passion and positive feelings. Our quality inspection department inspects each carpet, rug and ensures it is as per the highest standards. Our carpets are meant to give you a sense of comfort and add charm to your space. Just purchase a FBMI carpet, the element of style, comfort and beauty will automatically come to your home.

Feel free to contact team FBMI if you are searching for the most dependable carpets manufacturer and supplier in Dubai. We will not disappoint you and go the extra mile to meet your expectations. We are known for offering quality, reliability, great value and the element of originality to our customers.


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