Carpets Kilim

Carpet Kilim Dubai

Carpets and rugs are not just floor covering, they are a fine addition to any interior space. Being fully familiar with the customer mindset, at FBMI we make sincere efforts to fulfill their requirement. We have made our presence felt as a prestigious and reliable carpet kilim Dubai supplier.

What is exactly a Kilim carpet?

A Kilim carpet is the glowing legacy of Persian culture and art. These flat tapestry-woven carpets are still in great demand. A Kilim carpet is used as a praying platform and is also used for enhancing decoration. From Dubai to Western households, Kilim carpet continues to be very popular. Kilims are manufactured by firmly interweaving weft strands and warp. Our expert weavers ensure that the surface is flat, and there is no pile. The true-work of art is always appreciated. The carpets are in great demand for their enticing, eye-catching designs.

The presence of kilims enhances the appeal of the space. Even a room with dull appeal can convert into a vibrant heaven after meeting the striking pattern of an exquisite carpet Kilim. The unique texture of carpet kilim is always special. It is lightweight and can be easily stored or shifted when not in use. Carpet kilim is used for other purposes other than decoration. However, more than practical functionality, kilim rugs and carpet are an epitome of cultural heritage and tradition. They are rich masterpieces of art. Our carpets are the epitome of artistic creativity. Every carpet kilim is distinct and expressive.

Striking features of our Kilim carpets:

  • Enticing colors
  • Flawless finishing
  • Engaging patterns

FBMI is one of the few companies that is committed to keeping this ancient artwork alive. Our artisans pay great attention to quality and design. The quality inspection department of FBMI frequently tests the quality of carpets prior to final delivery. Explore our vast carpet Kilim Dubai collection and make a selection according to your requirements. Just check the collection of our motifs that range from geometric shapes to symbols of emotions. Our carpets are stunning works of art. You can contact us if you are searching for bold, distinct patterns of carpet Kilim Dubai. The combination of design, colors produce a fantastic product but above all, Kilim reflects a sense of uniqueness and deeper meaning. FBMI can bring you these cultural treasures at a fair price. Call us to learn more about the availability of carpet kilim.



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