Afghan rugs and carpets

Afghan rugs and carpets

Handmade Afghan rugs and carpets are known for their beauty as well as quality. FBMI is a shining star in the carpet industry. We are committed to become the best source of Afghan rugs in Dubai. Afghan rugs are useful all around the year. You can use them for insulation in winters. During the summers, the rugs trap the heat and keep the space cool. Hence, it can be said that the Afghan rugs in Dubai are very useful. There should be no doubt that they have become a popular choice.

The Afghan handmade carpets in Dubai can be easily adjusted in any environment. They are suitable for all types of places, including such areas that receive a high foot traffic. You can also use the handmade carpets on such surfaces where the little ones play. FBMI has cemented its place among the best Afghan carpet suppliers in Dubai. Our family-friendly carpets and rugs are super easy to maintain and clean. Many customers prefer purchasing our products due to such qualities.

Select our product according to your preferred choice

Our range of Afghan rugs and carpets are available in many different color combinations, bold plain and other designs. The availability of a sufficient number of options facilitate the customer in making a decision. Our products are known for injecting a graceful, sober splash of color in the setting. High-quality Afghan rugs do not have piles. So, there is no chance of any shedding. The rugs and carpet that trap less dust have negligible quantities of allergens. Hence, it is easy to maintain such rugs and carpets.

Reasons to choose Afghan rugs in Dubai:

  • Even the large size rugs are available at an unbeatable price
  • Complement the setting of the room
  • Versatile in nature
  • Helpful in promoting safety
  • Handmade afghan rugs are antibacterial and hygienic
  • Water and stain resistant
  • Require no extra-maintenance
  • Finest quality

Our carpets and rugs are unique

Your interior decorative product should be special and captivating. Our artisans are experts in the art. Our products are manufactured by using premium-class materials to meet the quality requirements. As we make a meticulous choice in material selection, only the best carpets are woven by our artisans. Such careful selection allows us to offer more smoothness and durability. All the raw material used in the creation of rugs is derived directly from nature. You can get the best Afghan carpets in Abu Dhabi after contacting FBMI.

Experience the touch of beauty and nature in our vast collection

FBMI is the best source to procure Afghan carpets in Dubai. The beautiful handmade carpets are so captivating that you will simply prefer admiring and purchasing them. The touch of nature is apparently visible in the carpets. Our artisans painstakingly work on the carpets to produce the desired quality. Afghan rugs are extremely beautiful. Just purchase one of our rugs, and it will steal the entire limelight. The incredible quality is proof that our artisans pour sincere efforts. Just get a soft cushion feeling beneath your legs, and the feeling will be truly very lovely.

FBMI understands the taste, choice, preference and lifestyle of the customers. After all, we are the leading supplier of Afghan handmade carpets in Dubai. Our carpets have become the symbol of hard work, ancient art and dedication. Each masterpiece is appreciated for its beauty and speciality. If you are searching for an Afghan carpet Dubai supplier, look no further than us. We maintain sufficient stock to fulfill the expectations of the customers. Our beautifully crafted rugs and carpets can enhance the level of charm for your room. Call us if you are interested in purchasing high-quality Afghan rugs and carpets.


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